Project Based Solutions

Delivering the right solutions with the right talent as per the project

Project staffing operates in a complex environment with a mix of internal staff, project consultants and outsourcing. Creating a right environment and getting the right resource is the key to achieving

Project Management

The project management objectives. With multiple offices/partners in the America, Europe and Asia Pacific region we have the bandwidth and resources required to plan, develop, implement and manage even the most complicated project requirements. We help you realize the project goals with the right mix of people, resource and environment.

Project Scoping

Business requirements define the Project Once the requirements are clear the Functional consultants and solution architects arrive at a feasibility analysis. Project kick off is determined by feasibility and value it adds to the existing business.

Project Scoping

Project Kick Off

The suggested solution developed by Marketing Team is wetted by Project Owner. This solution is documented and passed on to the development team to discuss. Document is accordingly updated and forwarded for approval. This approval will result in the Project Kick Off.

Project kick off

Project Execution

After project kick off, project manager will prepare time & cost estimates for the project. If business agrees to estimates provided then the detailed project plan will be prepared with specific time lines. Detailed project plan should have below details. All documents mentioned below need to be signed off / reviewed by Business:

Project Execution

Design Phase:

Involvement of Functional consultants & Solution Architects & Technical consultants

  • Business Requirements documents (BRD) – High level details
  • Solution Blueprint document – Solution details
  • Functional specification documents – Complete functional details

Testing Phase:

Testing team & Technical team in Quality Environment

  • System testing will be performed by Quality team
  • Quality team raise defects using some defect tracking tool
  • Technical team fix system testing defects

Build Phase:

Technical team & Functional team in Development Environment

  • Development of solution
  • Unit testing of requirements
  • Delivery of solution
  • Functional unit testing

UAT Phase:

Business users in Quality environment

  • Business stakeholders perform User Acceptance Testing for delivered solution
  • Raise defects in UAT phase
  • Technical team fix UAT defects
  • Business users close all UAT defect if they satisfied

Regression Testing:

PT team in Pre-PROD environment.

  • Performance testing team will perform testing in Pre-Production environment
  • Go / No-Go live decision

Control / Reporting

Weekly meetings monitor the progress and direction of the projects. Course corrections are identified, flagged and addressed by the monitoring team. Development Team interacts with all the owners. They keep a record of what is required and ensures the requirements are met.

Weekly time sheets and project progress reports are published. These report acts as a dashboard for the Project Owners to give an overview.

Project Goes Live

Intensive and real-life testing scenario, is utilized to judge the stability and effectiveness of the solution. Once the testing phase is completed and all the approval documents received, a test completion report is published with the over-all health of the project. This certification leads way to the deployment stage.

Once the project is deployed into production, the warranty phase starts. With the end of the warranty the project is deemed a live application.

Outsourced Product Development