Engagement Models

Out sourced Partner

GSOmega believes in all kinds of flexibility for its clients. When it comes to our client’s needs and comfort, we can step up a level to deliver the best results. All of our clients are welcome to enjoy our services on a fixed cost basis.

Alternatively a client can start working with GSOmega on a project basis. A project can have various ranges, from requirement definition to the delivery of a complete software product. To reduce the budget overruns, we work on a fixed cost and schedule agenda.

We also offer our clients to engage our services with a combination of offshore and onsite projects, we are more than happy to serve our clients on a Time & Material or fixed rate per person/per month.

Dedicated Development Center

We want our clients to be fully involved in the product development process to ensure the control and transparency for the client over the activities. We aid our clients with full control over development and testing teams by providing them with a separate devoted development center for them. GSOmega uses a cost effective model to provide the best delivery options to its clients. Under this model we reserve our infrastructure and assets exclusively for our client at the same time as giving them full access and control over the process.

This model enables both the company and the clients, for the smooth execution of the project and also diminishes the business risk.Apart from that it also cuts down the operational costs and enhances the cost savings. We supply regular development reports to our clients to help them with the scrutinizing and decision making.

GSOmega development center works on the basis of mutually agreed service level agreements (SLAs). With the changed business requirements this agreement can be modified regularly to ensure the satisfactory compliance.
For further details for our SLA, please contact us.

ON Shore – OFF Shore Development Model

Creating custom built Offshore Software Development Centers is an important and primary competency for GSOMEGA. A dedicated ODC is an ideal solution for companies seeking economical and effective software development, testing and support activities.

Offshore results in parallel benefits of maximising the technological skill sets as well as cost optimization that results from certain geographies. We hand-hold clients in establishing Offshore Development Centers under our own management

with the required infrastructure and talent. These development centers operate as an extension of your organization while freeing you of the management bandwidth. Our team manages the entire life cycle of software development and offers a solution that is scalable to meet your changing requirement. Our Offshore Development Centers are, including software development, specialized product development, e-commerce development, portal development and other customized solutions.

BOT Model

GSOmega takes on a Built-Operate-Transfer approach for its offshore ventures.BOT is one of best offshore business models as it involves low cost and risk than other models. In this approach we customize the development center for our client according to the requirements of the project which operates on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

In this method, after the Offshore Development Center is set up and managed by GSOmega for a particular amount of time, it is then switched to the client’s ownership under a transition plan. This enables our clients to quickly start the offshore development center without wasting any time and then afterward acquire it with all the facilities and infrastructure. In this way we also tend to eliminate the entry level challenges for our clients for their business.

Joint Venture

A Joint venture is a business contract undertaken by GSOmega which involves mutual investments in terms of capital, human resources, risks and reward with its client(s). Equity partnerships enable both the companies with desirable capital for businesses and sophisticated shareholders’ eyes to expand and take companies to greater heights.

This involves the creation of a new entity with shared control and assets by both the companies.

Key features of this engagement model are:-

  • It allows clients to enter new geographic locations with related or new business ventures.
  • It facilitates the clients to service a big market and clients with added capacity.
  • It requires a local management partner to eliminate the liabilities of foreignness in a new market or client.
  • It reduces the cost expenditure for the client and also the time to launch and market the product because of the added local expertise provided by the partner.

Pilot Project

GSOmega offers a pilot model for its clients to get a primary experience to work with us. This model is especially designed for the introduction of new products and services.

The pilot model offers-

  • A non-obligatory and risk free foundation for our clients to get involved with us.
  • In 6 weeks we can offer our client a product prototype to test the feasibility of the project.
  • We take up pilot projects in all our offered sectors.

And the most excellent part of our pilot model is that it’s a ‘trying -before -buying’ model.

key Engagement Features Quality

  • GSOmega is always willing to take up the certifications required by the clients.
  • We exercise globally recognised development processes to maintain the standards of our products.
Guarantee, Enforceability & IPR-
  • All our employees are available to sign Non-disclosure agreements with our clients.
  • We provide our clients with all kind of IPRs, Trademarks and Copyrights related assistance.
  • All the hardware, software and process related teams are also transferred to the client in case of a transfer.
  • Memorandum of understanding (MOUs) can be reinforced anywhere.
Broadband Connectivity-
  • GSOmega can customize the connectivity installations according to the client’s requirements.
  • Bi-directional availability of tools and resources ensured by using dedicated VPNs on sites.
  • Customized infrastructure architecture.
Flexible Timings-
  • With our offices present India, United Kingdom and Malaysia, GSOmega can provide the geography specific work schedules.
  • Our support teams are always available to serve our clients.
Audit Rights & Governance-
  • Regular team management meetings.
  • Regular audits to all the processes to provide clients with the development records.
  • Our clients get the complete access to the project dashboard to maintain transparency.