Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Data sources and volume have both grown exponentially, resulting in prohibitive volumes and non-uniform quality.

At GSOMEGA we provide for a range of platforms enhanced by use of various tools and technologies. We ensure corporate analyse, comprehend and utilize their information assets. Our solutions Facilitate both speed and quality of decision making by simplifying and presenting relevant information. We align our services to deliver data to match your business objective.

We offer end-to- end Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions, developing and integrating and outsourcing.

Business Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

Our services ensure data driven growth. Data is imperative and understanding data is essential. Our solutions deliver insight and help your team focus on the core business objectives. Insight driven decision making enables growth and proper direction.

Predict Customer Behavior

Customer understanding is largly driven by Analytics and Big Data. Understanding customer behaviour is essential for customer loyalty. Customers leave behind a data trail. The data that you require to derive true customer insights that reside in disparate systems and sources within your organization.

GSOMEGA enables you to integrate all your data sources, map trends and derive patterns, and accumulate actionable insights.


Tableau Consulting Services

Tableau is a unique BI dashboard tool that helps businesses to quickly analyze, visualize and share information. With more than 21,000 accounts Tableau is one of the leading tools when it comes to build fast, accurate and appealing dashboards for making business decisions. Its simple user interface eliminates the need to have canned reports, dashboard widgets, or templates to get started with new report development. All you need is your data and the questions you want to answer. We have deep expertise in Tableau implementation, customization, integration and management for your specific business requirements.

Big Data Service Offerings

GSOMEGA Big Data Services helps you analyse your data to translate it to intelligence. Our domain expertise coupled with rich experience and technical competencies enable us to comprehend and deliver a Big Data strategy for your organization. We integrate Big Data into your overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower your business.

Informatica Consulting & Implementation

GSOmega and Informatica addresses organisation of all sizes, global and mid-sized enterprises, and provides a comprehensive range of data integration solutions. Our specialists data experts relay on tested methodologies to solve information management needs from strategy to completion. By integrating data integration services with Informatica’s platform, we enable organisations with a distinct advantage to capitalize on market opportunity.

Website Development and Content Management

Website Development

GSOMEGA web development services enable you to strengthen the online presence of your business and brand. Your website is your virtual calling card. Our website ensures your customers have an apt user experience. Our solutions ensure Easy maintenance, high performance and rich end-user experience. we have in-depth experience in developing .NET applications and implementing Microsoft SharePoint for enterprises. Our experience helps us in designing and delivering a business friendly website to match your current and future business requirements.

  • New Website Design
  • Revamp of Existing Website
  • Application UI Design Maintenance & Support
  • Copy Writing
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • CMS
  • Flash/Video Presentations

Content Management Systems

Every organisation, every Brand has a unique story and this story needs to be told in the right esprit. This story need to be continuous and updated with time in-accordance to your business. Most organizations today are burdened with legacy technology that is hard to use, impossible to connect to other systems, and requires expensive IT resources to make any updates.

Our content management system is aimed at updating and securing your content. It is aimed at providing the right content to the right authorised person at the right time. Our system ensures that website takes geographical, target specific and authorisation complexities in to account. Our systems integrate with your existing model and produce quick and desired results.

Collaboration & Enterprise Portals

Enterprise Portals are an important business tool and can enable information sharing, off-site management, communicate with clients and associates. Benefits of enterprise portal require it to be constantly updated, high on security, sensitive to authorisation and integrate and drive various touch point to business objective and enable Business Process Innovation. This portal needs to be flexible and extendable to adapt to business needs.

Irrespective of your lifecycle of portal deployment, we can enable services that can help you maximise the complete potential of your portal investment.


E-commerce is Gaining importance and is as relevant in our lives as the traditional sales formats. Evolving e-commerce needs specialised attention. E-commerce needs to deliver intuitive user experience, pop-up logical recommendations, simple and secure payment systems and ensure high rate of returns. Our expertise ensures innovative mobile friendly e-commerce lifecycle using the latest technologies that seamlessly integrates with your current system and deliver on business objectives.

Application Integration

SOA Services

An effective SOA provides integration of various services and diverse systems across platforms. We manage complete SOA design, implementation and maintenance tailored to your unique requirements.

SOA integration solutions is a bridge levelling existing resources and enabling end-to- end integration between cloud, legacy and enterprise applications. We use open source and Oracle integration technologies.

Custom Software Development – Java

GSOMEGA has proven experience in re-engineering pre-developed technology platforms; modernizing legacy applications, building rich web interfaces and developing a ubiquitous SOA based software integration solution. Our expertise in Java Enterprise tools & technologies ensure quality deliverables from initial design to final project implementation.

Marketo Services

GSOMEGA provides a full-range of implementation services for Marketo, These include strategy, integration, campaign execution, and custom development.

How do we do it

Strategy We study your business and then adapt your Automation Strategy to support your overall business goals.

Insights :- We translate big data into real insights with actionable recommendations

Automation Our services include everything from Design, Landing pages, Forms, Emails, Programs, Nurture Streams, Scoring, Reports, Modeler, and Lead Lifecycle.

Marketo-SFDC- Website Integration Specialist

GSOMEGA caters on-demand consulting for all your Marketo and SFDC integration projects to achieve full potential. GSOmega offers the best of both worlds by intergrating Marketo-SFDC.

Salesforce Pardot Services

As specialists in Pardot Marketing Automation, we can help you optimise your investment. Define it and we will have our experts deliver.

We provide Pardot solutions on

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • ROI Reporting
  • Sales Intelligence

Application Maintenance and DBA Support

GSOMEGA Application Maintenance Service (AMS) helps you minimize maintenance costs of existing systems. Helping you focus on maximising your returns and new systems while optimizing performance and quality of critical applications. GSOMEGA application maintenance Services works as lubricant to ensure your systems smooth functioning. Each of these activities are governed and monitored by an SLA framework.

With smooth functioning applications, minimising down time we reduce the pressure on the IT Department. We ensure smooth flow of data and communication to enable business friendly decision making. We ensure data acquisition, storage, analysis and retrieval to ensure data integrity, high availability and scalability so you can focus on Business.