GSOMEGA is a pioneer in Product & Project Development, Project Management and Software Solutions. Over a period of 5 years we have provided reliable services to our clients in the UK, USA, EUROPE & ASIA.

We are frontiers in our business to be able to deliver services to a wide spectrum of industries including Information Technology, Telecom, Services, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Entertainment, Government, Start ups and Consumer Services.

We offer product services and pragmatic solutions through an eccentric delivery model that contributes to our client achievements in providing top-notch quality services. GSOMEGA help our clients to add few more accomplishments and success stories to their organization by implementing robust and diversified business and technology solutions.


To build a Global organization with ingrained core capabilities to excel in providing Talent Acquisition and Product & Project Management services.

Unbiased technology use with a touch of innovation.
• Take pride in developing people before developing software.
• Dramatically Improve Customer Engagement.
• Lean Principles and Best Practices part of our DNA.
• Highest Standard in Productivity and Collaboration.


Our Mission accomplishment takes in four structured goal format.

  • Be an innovative partner to the home government, local and overseas IT industry.
  • Provide solutions and value-added services across various industries.
  • Create cross-cultural work environment to build robots work force.
  • To enhance inclusive development and create
Our Values
  • We value Trust, Integrity, Honesty and Dedication.
  • We honor our commitment to our customers.
  • We strive for excellence.

At our organization we promote Transparency, Persistence, Excellence and Continuous Improvement. Our values help us to maintain healthy growth oriented and co-operative environment to drive us through the challenges.